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It is the view of John Bollinger and Bollinger Capital Management that the markets are very efficient in capturing information and that information is promptly reflected in the price structure. Hence, the best source of information for the investment process is the market itself. With that in mind, Bollinger Capital Management emphasizes technical analysis in formulating its investment strategies.

Bollinger Capital Management's equity selection is based on the tools and techniques John Bollinger has developed, such as Bollinger Bands and an industry group/market sector model. Other factors are considered and tools used as dictated by market conditions.

John Bollinger regards asset allocation as critical to performance. Hence Bollinger Capital Management emphasizes the asset allocation decision. Stocks, exchange traded funds, bonds and money market vehicles are the primary components of most portfolios. However, market conditions may warrant the consideration of other assets, such as precious metals or currencies.

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Our mission is to help grow your assets so you have the resources to make your goals a reality.

At Bollinger Capital we place the highest value on personal relationships with our clients and as a fiduciary we always act in your best interest. 

Our investment strategy takes an actively managed approach crafted by and based on the work of our lead portfolio manager, John Bollinger. John is the internationally recognized developer of Bollinger Bands and a suite of technical investment tools. That experience and insight provides the foundation for our investment strategies. 

As a Registered Investment Advisor we have been helping our clients achieve financial security since 1988. We serve individuals, families, trusts, corporations, and retirement plans.

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