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Bollinger Capital Management is a money management firm and does not offer tax advice. Investment decisions are based upon the client's stated objectives for the assets placed under management, and not necessarily upon the client's entire financial profile.

Client Communication

Clients receive confirmations for all trades shortly after they are made and monthly statements from the custodian where the account is domiciled. Accounts domiciled at TradePMR have online access to their portfolio, trade confirmations, statements and tax documents. Bollinger Capital also offers access to a separate online client portal.

Quarterly performance reports are issued shortly after the completion of each calendar quarter along with a letter highlighting our financial-market outlook and plans for the portfolio. We will send copies of our communications to any other parties at your request.

All of our dealings with our clients are strictly confidential.


Bollinger Capital Management does not take custody of client funds. All clients maintain complete ownership of all portfolio assets at all times.

Accounts managed by Bollinger Capital Management are generally domiciled at TradePMR.

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