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Bollinger Capital offers an actively managed approach to Socially Responsible Investing. Our Impact Program seeks to invest in companies with positive social and environmental characteristics without sacrificing performance. A relative strength approach is used to select portfolio holdings from our proprietary Impact 100 index.

Positive Screening: Impact 100 index components are selected based on six categories for positive environmental and social criteria.

Diversification: Impact 100 index components are diversified across economic sectors.

Active Management: A rules-based relative strength model governs the selection of 15 positions held from within the Impact 100 index.

This is an actively traded approach and holdings are evaluated on a weekly basis, which works especially well in tax deferred accounts like an IRA.

Advisory Fees for Impact Program

A minimum balance of $100,000 in cash or securities is required to open a Bollinger Capital Management Impact account.

Advisory fees for the Impact Program are 1% of the assets under management in the program annually. Fees are payable on a quarterly basis, in advance, based on the market value of the assets under management at the end of the preceding quarter. Advisory fees do not include any possible brokerage commissions or other charges incurred by the custodian on behalf of the client.

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