Bollinger Bands Asset Managment

Bollinger Capital Management's investment program is an intermediate-term growth approach. Our strategy is designed for investors whose investment objective is capital appreciation. While capital appreciation is our goal, the preservation of capital and avoidance of risk is always a consideration.

Bollinger Capital Management has been serving clients since 1988. We are located in Redondo Beach, California and serve clients nationwide.

  • We utilize the tools and techniques developed by John Bollinger, such as Bollinger Bands and our proprietary industry group structure. Please see our Investment Philosophy for information on our investment process.


  • We are a small firm and pride ourselves on our customer service and our relationship with our clients. Please see the BCM Team to learn more about the people behind the company.


  • We manage accounts for individuals, families, trusts, corporations and retirement plans. Please review our Investment Program to ascertain if our style is right for you.


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